About FAP Dental Institute
We have been doing our research on teeth bleaching and discoloration since 1980, and we developed the FAP whitening technique, the first Japan originated whitening technique. We regularly open seminars on FAP whitening and dental health for dentists, while publishing our research and reading papers at academic meetings. We had the FAP whitening technique patented on August 16 in 2002.
What is FAP Whitening?
Among many introductions of foreign whitening techniques, FAP Whitening method is the first Japan originated whitening method that Japan sends to the world.
Why is FAP Whitening unique?
In the generally used whitening products, active oxygen is used to dissolve teeth enamels. It makes the teeth surface rough like frosted glass, so the teeth appear white due to random light reflection. Consequently, the teeth surface is rough and vulnerable to stains and decay.

In the FAP whitening method, calcium-fortified paste (fluoride apatite) is attached to the rough teeth surface. Therefore, the teeth enamels are covered with calcium making the surface smooth, and whitening effect lasts. This calcium paste helps to prevent tooth decay by strengthening the teeth.