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Thank you for visiting my website.Though this English language website does not offer the full range of information compared to the Japanese section, I attempted to provide you with the most important materials and facts regarding our research activities as well as the clinical programs.

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Thank you very much for your continued interest in my research findings. I am writing this note to alert you about some alarming news I received.

Recently I have learned that there are web sites that use my name and offer dental pastes claimed to use the technologies I have developed through my research.

As you may know, in 2005 the scientific journal Nature carried an article about my findings, which was entitled "A synthetic enamel for rapid tooth repair". Currently there is no dental paste on the market that uses the technologies that are described in this article. Those products that are being offered on the Internet are not my dental paste. The sellers of those products are imposters and the products they offer are all fake; please don't buy them.

My team and I have been working for years to manufacture a synthetic enamel paste for the tooth, that we wish to offer to the public. We were able to produce the dental paste in small quantities, but in working to mass-produce it in large quantities, we realized that we needed more time than we had anticipated. This technical problem caused an enormous delay in commercializing my synthetic enamel paste. This is why you do not see my dental paste offered anywhere, not in the market nor on the Internet.

I am happy to report, however, that we have successfully resolved any technical difficulties in manufacturing, and now we are able to produce the dental paste in large quantities.

My team and I are very excited to tell you that the product is almost ready and that we should have it in its final form by next spring, at the latest.

We will keep working until we deliver the product to you, who so patiently have been waiting for me to complete the project.

To those who have contacted me and inquired about my dental paste, we will let you know by e-mail, once the final product is ready. Until then, please be on your guard against those fake products.

Dr. Kazue Yamagishi

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